What is Big A Band?

I am! 

Well actually I’m Anthony - an illustrator based in the UK. I looove drawing: messing about with pencils, brushes and ink – in fact any kind of mark-making is complete magic to me! 


What do I love even more than drawing (apart from my stinky dog, Leo)? Seeing my drawings get turned into products! Anything from badges, prints, stationary and more. I get such a thrill from making cool stuff out of my work - let’s call it “Art for the everyday”.

I’m inspired by comics, skateboard art, packaging, painting and so much more. I love art with a message too and am passionate that my work should spread a bit of love with a sprinkling of magic.

Big A Band Store is the place to buy all things Big A Band. I started it up in Spring 2019 from a computer set up on my landing, but now work from a studio full of other creatives. It’s super inspiring to be around so many designers, photographers and makers - all just a short walk from my house! 

Leo and I live in the amazing city of Brighton, down on Britain's sunny south coast. It’s an awesome, vibrant city full of art and has a great alternative vibe. Often described as the San Francisco of the UK, it’s definitely the place for me! If you’re headed this way why not swing by and say hi?


Keep an eye out for more items being added over the course of the year including more badges, prints AND custom uni-sex bags…. Exciting! I’ll also add bits of one-off art as I go too.

To stay up to date sign up to our newsletter and get 10% off your first order. Not sure how often I’ll post one out but be rest assured I’ll give you a heads up on any exciting news!

If you’re interested in seeing more of my illustration work, head over to my other site bigaband.com